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Why You Probably Aren’t Planting a Garden / You Can Farm

What Can You Do

This year has been a challenging year when it comes to supply chain issues and inflation. The rising price of gas and food has impacted all of us at some level. People with the least disposable income getting hurt the worst. At some point, rising food prices will lead to political instability and riots. Rising food prices were what caused the Arab Spring riots. Americans are no less susceptible to the effects of rising food and fuel costs.

Here are some ways to fight back against the rising cost of food

  • Plant a garden and start farming your own food.
  • Plant a food forest in your yard
  • Don’t have a place to plant a garden, then create a container garden on your porch
  • Find someone with land that no longer has a garden (possibly aged out) and offer to plant a garden on their land and share the harvest with them. This arrangement is very doable, you just have to ask around
  • Develop your own local food supply chain. Find farmers that you can buy from directly off their farm. Don’t wait for them to bring it to you at the farmers market. Develop a relationship with them
  • Find a local farmer that needs labor. They would probably be happy to trade produce for labor. You could go work for them on a regular basis, maybe every other Saturday. This could be a real win-win. Its also a great way to learn about farming

These are doable action items. Don’t let excuses hold you back!

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