Our Farm


Our farm is broken into 3 main areas

  1. Field 1 – Permaculture food forest with blackberries, raspberries, figs, elderberries, and mulberries
  2. Field 2 – Broken down into 2 areas
    1. Row crops and a pollinator garden
    2. Orchard with figs, elderberry and blueberry and pollinator garden
  3. Field 3 – Largest area with
    1. Chestnut trees
    2. Pecan trees
    3. Blueberries
    4. Sunflowers
    5. Corn
    6. Medicinal herbs

The farm is broken down into 2 units:

  • Commercial farm – uses Field 3 and the orchard from Field 2
  • Communal community garden – gives participants access to Field 2 (row crop area) and Field 1 – permaculture food forest

Commercial Farm

Our farm is very different from a traditional C.S.A. We actually sell a share of the production on a plant by plant or tree by tree basis. This subscription is documented on the blockchain and done using the Etherium digital money platform.

Example subscription:

Blueberry bush #12
Subscription Length: 5 years
Subscriber gets the following privileges
1) can pick all the fruit from the bush during the subscription
Simply Us Farm does all maintenance on the plant. Subscriber has the option to prune the plant in the winter.
Cost: $120 per year (payable in monthly installments) where subscriber picks fruit
$240 per year where Simply Us Farm harvests fruit 3 times
Initial Buy-In at beginning of first year: $150
Transfer of subscription only upon approval of Simply Us Farms
Subscribe picks up fruit at farm or drop off site in Sanford