Farm Tours – Saturday, May 25th

Every year we do a farm tour. This is a great chance to meet the farmers and see the farm. We’ll show you our work in progress and talk about how we do regenerative farming.

Farm tour includes

– detailed tour (family friendly)
– 1/2 lb of honey from our remote mountain location of Troublesome Gap, NC

What to Bring

Just bring yourself and your family and comfortable shoes. We plan to walk on grassy fields and uneven ground.

We are Dirt Farmers and Pesticide / Insecticide Free

If we grow good dirt, then plants will grow and produce abundantly. We use a minimum of organic fertlizers. We avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers. We also don’t use any pesticides or insecticides. We do use natural amendments like woodchips, hay (pesticide / herbicide free) and feather meal.

Diversity of Plants and Trees on the Farm

Let us introduce you to some of the variety of plants, bushes and trees on the farm including

Row Crops
– garlic and onions
– potatoes
– moringa

Fruit Bearing Trees
– mulberry
– hazel
– black walnut
– figs
– olive
– persimmon
– paw paw
– yaupon holley
– pecan

Fruit Bearing Bushes
– blueberry
– goji berry
– elderberry
– blackberry

– native cactus (edible / nopales)
– comfrey
– honey bees

Past Classes

Upcoming Class – Learn to Plant and Grow Potatoes

Learn to Plant and Grow Potatoes

Come join us for a fun and educational event where you can learn all about planting potatoes! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this in-person event in Bennett, NC, USA is perfect for anyone interested in growing their own potatoes.

During this hands-on workshop, our farmer will guide you through the potato planting process. From cutting up seed potatoes, preparing the soil and planting potatoes, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and practical skills to grow a bountiful potato harvest. You’ll actually get to work in the soil to get potatoes in the ground and ready to go.

This class starts out by planting potatoes. Following class sessions allow you to learn by doing and helping maintain the potatoes you helped plant. There will be 5 sessions between the inital date and harvest. If you come to 3 of 5 sessions (including the intial day), then you are invited to join us for the harvest day (late May / early Jun).

Discover how to plant and care for your own potatoes. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to dig into the world of potato gardening!

Important note: if weather causes a delay, we will reschedule the next weekend (weather permitting)

Coming in the Fall Learn to Plant /Prune Elderberries and Paw Paw

Elderberries are almost done flowering

Take Aways from the Event

You’ll learn how to

  1. prune elderberries
  2. plant elderberries
  3. plant paw paw trees


  1. actually pruning elderberry plants
  2. planting elderberry and paw paw plants

Bring home (included in the ticket cost)

  • enough elderberry cuttings to start your own elderberry patch


  • purchase honey from our farm to make your own elderberry infused honey
  • purchase frozen elderberries (subject to availability)
  • purchase infused honey from our farm (subject to availability)

Agenda on Saturday

8:00-8:30 – Welcome and Breakfast – breakfast will be sausage biscuits from a local restaurant

8:30 to 12:00

Demonstration – how to prune elderberry bushes
Practical – prune elderberries and take home elderberry cuttings so you can grown your own elderberry plants

Demonstration – how to plant elderberries
Practical – plant elderberries

12:00 to 1:00

Lunch – provided by a local restaurant

1:00 to 3:00

Practical – finish planting elderberries
Demonstration – making infused elderberry honey

3:00 to 4:45

Demonstration – Planting Paw Paw trees
Practical – Plant Paw Paw trees

4:45 – 5:00 – Wrap up / final Q&A

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