How to Buy from Our Farm

People often ask “how do we buy from your farm”. Because we are part time farmers (i.e. weekend) we can’t provide the breadth of crops that vocational farmers can. It is rare that we have fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and squash. Instead we have normally have seasonal crops that are harvested once or twice per year. Crops and products like:

  • honey
  • elderberries
  • garlic
  • onions
  • goji berries
  • blueberries
  • figs
  • blackberries

The Plan

We’ll post on our blog when we have different items available. If you sign up for our email list you’ll automatically get an email every time we post a new blog entry. This way you are notified when we currently have items for sale.

We should have items like honey available on a year round basis. But seasonal (non-shelf stable items) like fruits and veggies are available in limited quantities and sell out quick. Join our mailing list (sign up form below) to get notified when we have products ready to sell.

You can place your order by going here. We offer local pickup in Sanford. Shipping is also available for non-perishable items.

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