Elderberry Syrup – 12 fluid ounces


Enjoy the benefits of elderberries and local honey with the warming effect of the ginger and cloves

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We start with frozen elderberries from the farm. We extract the elderberry juice using a steam juicer. The steam juicer pulls the eldeberberry juice out of the berries. We ginger and clove to the juice and then simmer reducing the volume of the mixture in half. The mixture is then strained to remove any pieces of ginger and clove. Once the mixture cools, we add the raw honey. We want to make sure we don’t heat the honey above 105-110 degrees F. This helps preserve the benefical qualities of the raw honey.

Make sure to refrigerate the syrup

Make sure to never feed honey to kids under 1 year of age.

We don’t add peanuts to the mixture but peanuts are sometimes used in the kitchen where we make the syrup

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