Rent-a-Bush and Rent-a-Tree

We enjoy seeing the farm grow and expand. Growing those wonderful fruit and nut bearing trees and bushes requires space, equipment, hard work and years of preplanning. Many of these plants take years before they bear fruit or nuts.

So why not rent a tree or bush and enjoy the harvest without needing the land and equipment and hard work. Instead, just subscribe to that plant and enjoy the harvest without the difficulty.

Elderberries ready to pick

How it works

  • Give a gift of a subscription, or buy one for yourself. Subscriptions run for 12 months.
  • You are assigned a specific bush or tree. All the trees and fruit that you can subscribe to on the farm are tagged with a metal tag and tracked in a database.
  • We take care of the plant, keep it happy and healthy and get it ready for the harvest to come
  • We keep you updated as the season progresses. You’ll have the opportunity to come and help get your bush or tree ready for summer (optional – but a good way to learn how we care for the plants).
  • When it is time to harvest you get an email from us with suggested harvest dates and times. You go online and schedule an appointment to harvest from your plant
  • Join us on the farm to harvest your plant. We will teach you how to harvest the production of the plant or tree. Provide you tips on how to get the best results, only pick what is ripe and gently avoid damaging the plant so you get a more abundant harvest the next year.
  • You take the harvest home. You get the entire production from your plant to eat or preserve! We’ll make suggestions on how to prepare, eat or preserve your harvest.
  • When it is time to prune your plant or get it ready for winter, we send out an email and you can join us to get the plant ready. This is a great way to learn how to to care for these trees or bushes, in case you ever want to have your own one day.

Trees and bushes available to rent

Subscriptions available now, harvest in 2024

  • elderberry (available now)
  • fig (available now)
  • blackberry (available now)

Subscriptions that start in 2024 or later

  • blueberry (subscriptions starting 2024)
  • hazelnut (subscriptions starting 2024)
  • mulberry (subscriptions starting 2025)
  • pecan (subscriptions starting 2026)
  • black walnut (subscriptions starting 2026)
  • goji berry (subscriptions starting 2024)
  • fractional production of one bee hive (subscriptions starting in 2024)

Perks of being an early adopter / subscriber

Each subscription includes

  • production of that plant for the year
  • 50% off a 2 night stay to camp on the farm
  • first in line to buy honey made by the bees on our farm
  • 30 min / in-person class on how to pick, process and preserve your harvest
  • Sign up before July 15th, 2023 and get 2 harvests (one in 2023 and one in 2024) for the price of one! The 2023 harvest will be a smaller harvest than 2024 because of the age of the plants but this is a great way to get started.

Sales are handled through our Montie Gear site


  1. Since these are living plants in an outdoor climate, we can’t promise a specific level of harvest. We do make our best effort to achieve the best success for you
  2. Our farm is in Bennett, NC. Please consider the location when you purchase the subscription.
  3. Depending on what is happening on the farm we may be able to pick your harvest for you for an additional fee. If we do, the pickup location is Sanford, NC.