Innovation Consulting

Would you like to offer exciting new products to new customers? Develop new customers by offering innovative products that your farm can produce?

Don’t know how to come up with those new products and service? We can help you learn and execute an innovation process similar to what Fortune 100 companies use, just on a scale that fits the size of your farm.

We can help.

We can help you discover new ways to reach new customers and delight existing customers with innovative products and services.

Below is a podcast on how we are helping the local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) group build and improve their communication plan. This same process can help your farm or organization innovate new services and products that come about from listening to your customers and better meeting their needs with products that are profitable for your farm!

How brainstorming is helping a local organization innovate

I’m an enthusiastic permaculturist and practitioner of regenerative farming. I can help you

1) Conduct brainstorming events within members of your organization or even reaching out and including other community stakeholders and customers. We will plan and execute the event, walking your organization through all the steps while participating in the sessions.

2) Teach creativity – you may be surprised that you can develop your creativity and use that skill to help foster a culture of innovation on your farm. These skills also help drive a level of excitement and joy over the thoughts of all the wonderful things your farm can accomplish

3) Teach the tools of design thinking – Use the same tools that big corporations use to develop 1000s of products, but on a scale that works for you on your farm and fits in with how your organization functions.

We aren’t here to change your organization. We are here to teach and help your existing organization develop new skills to better do what you do best in the form of new products and services.

I have training in Brainstorming Facilitation and Design Thinking and my NPDP certification.