Duck Eggs

Starting in 2022, we hope to offer duck eggs for pickup in Sanford from our Khaki Campbell flock (NPIP-AI tested) on a share system. Contact us for more information and pricing.

What is a share system

The share system is based on the community supported agriculture model. You can buy a share of our production for a six month period. We get your eggs ready to pick up the same day every week. Some weeks there may be more eggs, and some weeks less, giving you a supply of tasty duck eggs.

Why eat duck eggs instead of chicken eggs

Duck eggs are great for baking and cooking. They are also handy if you can’t eat chicken eggs.Click on the image below for a great comparison of duck eggs vs. chicken eggs.

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How we eat duck eggs

I like duck eggs on a breakfast sandwich with a biscuit, a slice of meat and cheese. The duck egg sandwiches are our favorite treat when we go camping or 4 wheeling.

Cooking duck egg, cheese and meat biscuits at the 2021 NC Overland Challenge